Our motivation

In 2012, we founded Go Superfood GmbH to show the world what real green smoothies and superfoods are capable of. And so we opened our first Green Smoothie delivery service in Hamburg. But that was probably too early. We quickly realized that the effort and cost is too high to deliver real green smoothies fresh from the counter over the counter. But even more important was the realization that the pure sale of green smoothies & amp; Superfoods without advice does not lead to a change of consciousness - leads to real change. In the meantime, superfoods have long since established themselves in every supermarket and the shelves almost overflow with nutrient-rich powders, fresh and cold-pressed juices and smoothies of all kinds. Unfortunately, these offerings have little to do with fresh green smoothies that contain chlorophyll. These are still very rare to find.

If you really want to change something, buy a high-performance mixer and start to create green smoothies yourself. Does not take long and is easy.

And what does all this have to do with proteins? It was only a matter of time before we launched our vegan bio-protein. Because a balanced diet with sufficient proteins is hardly possible in today's fast-paced world. In addition, there are infinitely many flavors that do not occur in nature. But the food industry makes it possible. Most of the protein on the world market is animal protein, which is not beneficial for our body. This has long been scientifically proven (China Study) and is a recognized fact. The production of animal protein also destroys our wonderful planet and creates animal suffering on an ongoing basis. Conclusion: Since we barely manage to eat enough protein, it is both physically and ecologically sensible to integrate plant protein powder into the diet.


At 7, I came to football. Already after 2 years I realized that a team sport of this kind does not correspond to my character. After that, I tried karate and stayed for almost three years. There was a lot going on between my 13th and 16th birthday. While I was physically sweating and building good coordination in floor gymnastics and street jazz dancing, these types of sports movements should not be sustainable either. My goal was to become the strongest and best.


Hello, I am Daniela Rau and part of "Go Superfood". Since my eighth year I am a "sports cannon", as my mother always says so beautiful. I've tried a lot to keep my body fit and healthy. A balanced herbal diet has brought me to the highest energy level and I feel so comfortable. In everyday life, it often takes a quick and healthy solution. With the Go Superfood protein shake we have managed to bring a tasty and healthy power drink on the market. "I'll do it myself", otherwise it will be another one. I love taking full responsibility for myself and my life. I'm the director and life is my stage. I am not always perfect, but I promise you that I will always be real.