"Do it yourself"

...and find your own taste

For inspiration, here are our six favorite recipes. Easy to copy and try out. All you need is a blender.
The advantages of self-created shakes are obvious. On the one hand, the possibilities of flavors are almost unlimited. On the other hand, the valuable nutrient absorption by the extra ingredients such as banana, nuts, berries or cocoa is included. Superfoods are already in the basic blend. So you are good to go!

Taste receptors
Our taste receptors are very sensitive and can distinguish between sour/bitter and salty/sweet/umami (fatty). As you can imagine, the food industry knows this too and relies on this inevitable examination procedure of our tongue and its accomplice, the sense of smell. So many products are mixed with artificial flavors so that the products taste good to us. Over the years, we have discovered that the taste receptors of many people have gone astray. That's why it's all the more critical that you do it yourself.

Time factor
It may be that ready-made meals are practical and tasty. Satisfy us. Save time. But if you are honest to yourself, you quickly realize that real "time saving" is not possible. Especially not when it comes to one of the essential sources of energy in our lives: Food! Of course, one hardly takes the time anymore to cook or chew efficiently. However, we are sure that this valuable building block of life will experience its renaissance.