2. September 2019
2. September 2019


Here you will find reports from our customers and fans. Write to us about your experiences with our products. Or even on your way to integrate proteins.

Ingo Smula, Immo-flow, Hamburg

I'm not the egg white fan, rather the green smoothie fan, but your powder is really good. Vegan, organic and suitable for everything. Funny is that I am now more creative in terms of taste. What comes to my mind I haul in, and in the end everything tastes great. One can for everything saves a lot of resources. PS: The pancakes are really bomb.

Michael Hensel, Koyaproject, Bali

Since I commute between Bali, L.A. and Germany, I know the protein market quite well. Your protein is really delicious and dissolves great. So far, I have always drunk milk / whey protein. That somehow bloat up your stomach. Since I drink vegetable protein, the digestion fits. Thanks and keep it up.

Marie, Studentin, Hamburg

Fast, easy and tasty! Even with water, the texture is incredibly creamy. I am positive.

Ralf Rau, GGF, RR Service GmbH

I tried a lot. Professional shakes and inexpensive from discounters. Conclusion: Either it does not taste, is unhealthy, alienating because sugary and the consistency lumpy. Finally made in no time. Healthy, full of complexity and creamy in texture. On top with my own creation of fruits I serve my individual taste. My taste is my shake.