Why green smoothies?

What does a Green Smoothie consist of?
A mixture of organic fruit and green organic leafy vegetables. Usually 40% green and 60% fruit. With peel and pit. Some water and it´s ready. Optionally, the Green Smoothie can be enriched with superfoods such as Macca, Lucuma, Chlorella, He Shou Wu, Acai.

Do the fruits have to be ripe?
The riper, the better! Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients have only formed optimally in ripe fruit. What does the offer look like? The fruit is picked unripe, comes to the warehouse and is often chemically treated, often also “radioactively irradiated”. After storage, the fruits are sold. But it is just as unripe as picking. There is natural ripening for the fruit only on the tree – in light, air, and sun, the life element of nature and creation. The unripe fruit is usually very acidic.

Why are Green Smoothies so healthy?
Apart from vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, valuable amino acids and enzymes, Green Smoothie gets its healing effect from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the color pigment that gives plants their green color and enables them to carry out photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, the plant transforms carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates under the influence of sunlight. The more chlorophyll a food contains, the greater its health benefits. Chlorophyll is beneficial in building new blood cells. It supports the detoxification of carcinogenic substances and promotes the regeneration of radiation damage. Chlorophyll also supports wound healing, regular bowel movements, and a pleasant body odor. Can help to eliminate magnesium and iron deficiency. Biophotons are vital. Chlorophyll acts as a storage battery for biophotons intercepted by the sun. These biophoton stores are particularly charged in sunlit vegetables, leaves, fruits and wild herbs. But if the leafy vegetables wither after extended storage, the sensitive biophotons are lost. Therefore, green leafy vegetables should be picked as fresh as possible and eaten as soon as possible. Otherwise, sensitive biophotons will be lost. The green chlorophyll could also be described as liquid sunshine. The delicate energy essence from the biophotons is of much higher quality compared to caloric energy. Calories arise from the burning of protein, carbohydrates and fat; the biophotons come from the chlorophyll of freshly picked, green leaves. This energy has an invigorating effect on the human energy body.
If we want to stop the aging process, we need a good source of biophotons. Only then can the cells be charged with energy. Green leafy vegetables from the garden are one of the best donors. An even better source are the native wild herbs, as we can find them at the edge of the forest, in parks or in our own garden.

How does a green smoothie affect our organism?
At the cellular level. Vitalising, satiating, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, neutralizes body odor, increases gastric acid, etc. Also, blending the Green Smoothie is a way of pre-digesting the food. Our intestines have hardly any work left to transport the valuable substances to where they are needed. Amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fructose, fats, etc. are all part of our diet. Valuable enzymes (protein catalysts) are transported with the Green Smoothie. Enzymes are the spark plugs of the metabolism and of crucial importance for the organism. Without enzymes, no metabolic action can take place – neither vitamins nor minerals can be used. Enzymes are involved in every physical process. Without enzymes, the human miracle does not work. And we are not yet talking about the subtle energy of plants which can influence our eating and behavior habits.

At what time of the day should I drink the Green Smoothie?
Right in the morning. After the “real” feeling of hunger. So do not fall into the previous eating habit, which is usually reinforced by self-made time pressure, but really consciously wait and feel, now there is hunger. The intestine is still empty, our organism as far as possible unloaded, there the cell looks forward to food rich in vital substances. Otherwise, any other time of day is ideal. If you are tired in the afternoon, try a Green Smoothie and feel what happens. If you can’t fall asleep well, we recommend throwing Bach Flowers into the blender.

How much Green Smoothie should you drink per day?
Giving a definitive answer to this question is impossible. On the one hand, this depends on your current eating behavior, and on the other hand, every person is individually predisposed. The daily routine and energy consumption of each person is different. However, we have tried a lot, observed a lot and found out that our body sends clear signals. It is not our mind that screams stop, it is rather a feeling or a kind of perception from the stomach. Our recommendation is to trust this feeling. To be specific, 300 ml are O.K. 1000 ml are also O.K. If you feel comfortable with it.
From a medical point of view and from our own experience there are no side effects.

How important is fruit & vegetables of organic origin?
Many of today’s agricultural soils are contaminated with vast amounts of pesticides and harmful substances. They hardly contain any minerals. Due to the great demand for new goods, the price war and competition from overseas, the field is cultivated and harvested as often as possible. The rest is done in the greenhouse. Organic is indispensable. If you are interested in nutritious fruit & vegetables. However, there are different opinions out there, and one can only approach the truth.

How long can Green Smoothies be kept?
In the refrigerator at a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius approx. 24 hours. As a rule, green smoothies should be eaten immediately. The fresher, the better.