2. September 2019
3. September 2019
Why should we even consume proteins in powder form?
  • Because we often do not have time to eat well
  • Because proteins are vital
  • Because it’s convenient and affordable
  • Because there is now a very good quality of vegetable protein powders
  • Because we save a lot of the digestive energy that we would need for foods with the same amount of protein
  • Because the amount of powder consumed is much lower than that of products with the same amount of protein
  • Because our organism simply absorbs protein powder and absorbs it via the intestine, ie it can lead into the cell’s interior

Why vegetable and no animal protein powder?
  • Because protein powder with animal ingredients is ethically and morally unstable for animal and environmental friends
  • Because our body can make good use of vegetable protein
  • Because, thankfully, opinions are changing, and we now know that animal proteins are not necessary to make our body survive
  • Because it feels good
  • Because the price of vegetable protein powder is now affordable